Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long Live the Queen

The time is drawing closer for the Artistic Halloween Queen's big October Giveaway.  You can enter to be a queen for a day and win prizes throughout the month of October - a prize a day for 31 days.  I'll post more details soon.
Meanwhile, here's my little pumpkin queen make-do for the give-away.  She started as an old metal soap/lotion dispenser.  She's basically complete now, though I may yet add a cloak and a few more jewels, depending on time and availability. 

(You can see her in progress in my previous blogs.)

Now what I need to work on are my photography skills - or lack thereof. :)  Any tips to get better photos?  I've read to take them outside, but I had to send this one in last night to the Queenly organizers, so daylight was out. 

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