Friday, September 3, 2010

CSI Chicago: Special Cat Edition

Eyewitness statement from Rebecca Sterling:

I was in the kitchen getting some water and Macy the Cat walked in. I looked down and saw her ears bleeding profusely. Alarmed, I picked her up to see what happened and noticed it was paint and not blood. I ran into the dining room where I saw that they'd knocked over several things on the table, including a big bottle of red paint, which had spilled all over the chair and floor.

I had to hurry and clean up the paint before it dried, so I couldn't get a picture of it. Then I noticed red paw prints all over the hallway, so I grabbed Macy and washed her paws in the kitchen sink. I tried to get her ears clean, but it wouldn't all come off.



When I returned to the hall to see where else she had walked, I saw red prints on the white living room carpet.

When I went to clean that up, Macy took advantage of the opportunity to attack the garbage.

Frisky was nearby watching the whole thing, but refused to comment other than, "I didn't do it."
Frisky maintains that she had nothing to do with the crime and that all evidence which would suggest otherwise is clearly circumstantial.   

Families of the victims are asking jurors for the maximum penalty of imprisonment during crafting days, since evidence has show Macy to be a hardened criminal incapable of rehabilitation.  Macy's attorney maintains that a thorough investigation will prove she was framed, and that Frisky actually committed the crimes in question.


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